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July 25, 2018 – Data from ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has captured the dynamic movement of the Sun’s atmosphere for over 20 years. Today, we can hear the Sun’s movement — all of its waves, loops and eruptions — with our own ears. CREDIT: NASA/SOHO & ESA

May 10, 2013 – This version of SDO: Three Years in Three Minutes is extended and narrated by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center heliophysicist Alex Young. He highlights many interesting aspects of the video and points out several of the single-frame events that appear in it. CREDIT: NASA / SDO

This video that crashed our web server, has 889,629 views on YouTube, and was featured in multiple news articles! It was extra exciting to go viral since I didn’t have high-quality audio or video editing software at the time—just a love of the Sun & desire to share it!

June 7, 2011 – I woke up to this event, aptly described in an email from a colleague – “Never seen anything like this before – spectacular”. It really is just amazing! Here are videos of a prominence eruption from 304, 171 and 211 Angstrom channel cameras on SDO. Also included is a video from the LASCO C2 . CREDIT: NASA / SDO


Below The Belt Show

Ep 822: Actress Alaina Huffman, Actor Aaron Douglas and Astrophysicist Dr. C Alex Young (7/25/23)

Below The Belt Show presents another show that’s intergalactic planetary! First, we welcome NASA astro physicist Dr. C. Alex Young who offers something different for our audiences! Dr, Young a sci-fi aficionado mentions which sci-fi franchise is the most feasible as far as technology and how astrophysics ties with the Comic-Con world! We discuss other topics with Dr. Young including the possibility of life on Jupiter planet Europa, space weather, lunar eclipses, and much more out-of-this-world topics! For more on Dr. Young visit www.thesuntoday.org.

In addition, we present our first two interviews from 2023’s Shore Leave in Hunt Valley Maryland. BTB’s own Mike “The General” Zad first talks to lovely actress Alaina Huffman from Riverdale, Smallville, Supernatural and much more! At the end of the program we welcome actor Aaron Douglas from Battlestar Galactica! BTB’s host with the most Al Sotto brings to you another entertaining program! Joining the panel this week will be “The King of the 80s” Chachi McFly, Mike “The General” Zad and NASA ambassador Kelly Christopher! Song Credits: Classic Cut – Aqua “Barbie Girl”, Classic Cut – Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga “Body and Soul”. Below the Belt Show Details »

The Angry Sun with C. Alex Young

May 26, 2023 –The sun brings light and heat to Earth, but it can also blast our planet with stormy weather, flares, and massive coronal mass ejections that can impact our power grids, satellites, and even endanger astronauts in space and, eventually, back on the moon. And it’s heating up as the sun approaches Solar Maximum of its latest Solar Cycle 25. NASA solar astrophysicist Dr. C. Alex Young of the Helioscience Division of the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland joins us to dish on the latest from the sun and what it means for us on Earth.  Hosts: Rod Pyle and Tariq Malik Guest: C. Alex Young; Show Details »

Gravity Assist: Sunspots and Solar Flares with Alex Young

You’d think that because it rises and sets predictably every day, we’d know everything there is to know about our Sun. But that’s not the case. The Sun constantly outgasses the solar wind, but also periodically belches huge blobs of plasma, energetic particles, and magnetic fields that can wreak havoc on Earth’s communications networks and other electrical systems. These blobs also slam into the other planets of our solar system, stripping their atmospheres or interacting with their magnetic fields. And we’re still not sure what mechanisms lie beneath these violent outbursts. In this week’s episode, NASA Chief Scientist Jim Green sits down with solar scientist Alex Young to discuss the Sun’s powerful explosions. CREDITS: NASA & Jim Green

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