Total Solar Eclipse in the South Pacific – November 13/14, 2012


A total eclipse of the Sun will be visible on November 13/14, 2012 in a narrow path across the southern hemisphere. The Moon’s umbral shadow starts in northern Australia following a path across the South Pacific Ocean without crossing any other land. A partial eclipse produced by the shadow covers a much larger area in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. The width of the Moon’s shadow is around 110 miles wide and travels over 1,000 miles per hour.

The local time of the eclipse in Australia is the morning of November 14. The table below shows the times of the eclipse in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and Universal Time (UT).

Web cast viewing times:

November 13 EDT November 13 UT/GMT
1st contact 14:39 EDT 19:39 UT/GMT
2nd contact 15:36 EDT 20:36 UT/GMT
Peak Eclipse 17:12 EDT 22:12 UT/GMT
3rd contact 18:49 EDT 23:49 UT/GMT
4th contact 19:46 EDT 00:46 UT/GMT (November 14)

You can learn more about the eclipse and the significance of eclipses in the Science @ NASA article and Science Cast video below.

Sun-Earth Day and NASA along with several other partners are supporting a live webcast of the eclipse from Australia.