AR11967 Still Remains Moderately Active


AR11967 taken by Karzaman Ahmad on February 3, 2014 at Langkawi National Observatory, Malaysia

The level of solar activity is moderate. NOAA region 11967 continues to be the largest and most complex active region on disk. This region would engulf Jupiter and several Earths all at once. This region has maintained spot area and decreased marginally in number of spots over the past 24 hours. The region was the source of the largest flare in the past 24 hours, an M1.3 on 5-Feb-2014 at 16:11 UT. Further M-class activity is possible, with a good chance for another flare above the M5 level.

This GOES X-ray flux plot contains 5 minute averages of solar X-ray output over the last 3 days.

Xray (1)

GOES X-ray flux in 5 minute averages.

credit: NOAA/GOES/ Ahmad/Max Millennium Chief Observer