Flashing Flares – SDO Pick of the Week (15 Nov 2010)

Another Lunar Transit of the Sun Seen by SDO
November 8, 2010
Seven-Day Sun
December 1, 2010
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Active regions AR11121 and AR11123 form a sunspot complex. Here is the complex viewed in the SDO/AIA 171 angstrom wavelength channel.

Sunspot complex composed of active regions, AR11121 and AR11123, observed in the 171 angstrom channel of SDO/AIA.

A wide and vigorous active region group (AR11121 and AR11123) produced several flares as SDO observed in 171 angstrom extreme ultraviolet light (Nov. 11-12, 2010). The tangle of magnetic field lines, made visible by particles spinning along them, connected and reconnected several times. Since the active region is facing towards Earth, it may produce geo-effective events in upcoming days.

(credit: Steele Hill and SDO)

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