Prominence Eruption Seen from Ground and Space

Sunspot region NOAA AR9077
Bastille Day Blast! A Celebratory Solar Flare
July 15, 2010
Complex Solar Flare and Filament Eruption Event
August 3, 2010
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Around 13:00 UTC (8:00 EST) a prominence on the southeast limb of the sun became unstable. The prominence erupted sending an immense amount of solar plasma and magnetic field away from the sun into space. Amateur astronomer David Evans took pictures of the prominence with a telescope while the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) observed the eruption. This video shows David Evan’s photograph on the left and a video from SDO in the 304 Angstrom wavelength on the right. The image is rotated but a small image of the sun is next to the prominence to show its location. An image of the Earth has been added to show the scale of the prominence. (credit: David Evans and

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