Solar Activity May Soon Be on the Rise

Brightening of a solar filament in 304 and 171 angstrom light observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory. credit: NASA/SDO/helioviewer

The active sun is rotating into view, that could mean there is solar fun to come.


For the past 2 weeks that sun has been a bit quiet but that is only because the regions of current solar activity were on the other side of the sun. But now those active regions, that were once on our side of the sun, are now coming back around (along with some newer regions.) In particular, regions AR120104/120107 have been producing small C-class flares. Flare forecasters think that there may be some isolated M-class activity from AR120104. AR120106 is looking interesting.

This video shows the sun using SDO’s 304 and 171 angstrom wavelengths together. It starts with a new full view of the sun, then the video zooms into the eastern limb and lastly it zooms into AR120106. During that last zoom an image of Earth is added for scale.

credit: NASA/SDO/helioviewer