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SOHO’S 2000th Comet Spotted By Student
December 30, 2010
When the Sun has Holes We Often Get Aurora
January 16, 2011
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We have reached the milestone of 1000 Fans on our FaceBook page!

As promised, we have been preparing a small treat for all of you as a sign of appreciation for making the TheSunToday page such a great success in such a relatively short space of time. We have compiled a collection of our favorite images from SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) and STEREO (Solar and Terrestrial Relations Observatory) into a set of computer desktop wallpapers.

All of the SDO images have a black space on the lefthand side. Some Windows desktops have more icons on the left while it is often the opposite for OSX desktops. In order to accomodate both cases we have created images with space on the left (labeled PC) and on the right (labeled Mac). We have included multiple resolutions but let us know if there is another resolution you would like us to include, or if you have another image you’d like to see on your desktop. We hope that you enjoy these and we aim to create more in the future. Alex and Ryan.

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304 Å Prominence 1

304 Å Prominence 2

Earth Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

131 Å CME


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