The Big Spot Gives an X1.1 Solar Flare

Sunspot group, AR12192, released a strong burst of magnetic energy in the form of an X1.1 flare and a surge of solar plasma. The solar flare peaked in the GOES X-ray monitor at 5:01 UT, 10/19/2014. There was no significant coronal mass ejection (CME) but even if there had been it probably would not be Earth-directed due to the location of the region on near the southeast limb.
This video first shows the eruption with the SDO/AIA 304 wavelength channel then with composites of the AIA 171,193 and 131 angstrom channels. The last part of the video shows the eruption again in the 3 wavelengths (171,193,131) but the field-of-view is smaller, the time resolution much higher and a trace of the GOES X-rays monitor.

credit: NASA/SDO/helioviewer/LMSAL