The Sun 2 Weeks With SDO/AIA (July 25 – August 7, 2010)

Atmospheric Imaging Assembly

Here is a 2-week view of the sun as observed by the AIA (Atmospheric Imaging Assembly) instrument aboard the SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) spacecraft.

This video contains 4 wavelength channels 304, 171, 193 & 211.

First, all four wavelengths are shown simultaneously then each one separately. It has been a fairly busy 2 weeks even though the solar activity is not high.

The first period of note is August 1 with 2 filament eruptions, a C flare, EUV wave, and 2 CMEs. The first CME from the active region produced Aurora.

The second is on August 7 when a M-class flare, EUV wave and CME occurred. In addition to these 2 times, there is always something happening if you look around the sun. Because of some data and formatting problems, there is no data on July 30 and 31 and the intensity scaling on August 1 is different than the rest of the 2 weeks.