Unidentified Sun Object is Identified! A Little Black Spot on The Sun Today

On March 12, 2012, Sunsflare posted a video asking if anyone could identify a circular object seen in SDO coronal images.

The video was also posted on Facebook with the same question posed. I answered the question on Facebook but here is a more detailed response and discussion of the observation. The object seen is a coronal cavity associated with a filament. There was also an eruption of the filament with a CME.

The original video and the response have since been removed.

Finally, I put together this more detailed response to discuss the observation.

Thanks to NASA, ESA, SDO, SOHO, STEREO, Helioviewer, virtuallinda.com and Sunsflare!


  1. Marty says:


    Regarding the recent images of the ‘UFO’ refueling within the Sun’s corona;
    Your logical explaination sounds wonderful. Have you convinced yourself?

    With NIF and others nearing Cold Fusion and Hot Fusion, we may actually be close to a point that our species is ‘post nusery schoolers’ in the general intellectual scales of the Universe. I too have researched the sun, since the time of SORAD 1. I have great admiration for those who have an eye on the beast, well, our sun and gama waves from Magnetars. But I digress, so eons from now, we have stabilized Hot Fusion and created dense elements to build and control a spacecraft capable of navigating within the corona of a yellow sun, whew!! really? (whar’s my interstellar respect badge?). What kind of energy or force would be required to ge that close to the sun, and pull away, while in a stationary orbit???? PHYSICS, man! PHYSICS!! It just ain’t gonna hah’happen, even if we ARE the little green men. 🙂 Thanks, Alex. It’s either your explanation or God was giving RA a poke.

  2. Andrew says:

    Not conclusive

  3. […] Thanks to sedge2002 for making this movie and sharing it with other users of Helioviewer.org. As the movie demonstrates, coronal cavities do occur, and so the one you may have earlier in the week, whilst a great example of a coronal cavity, is definitely not unique. What is a coronal cavity? Let Dr. Alex Young of the The Sun Today tell you: […]

  4. DAILY SUN says:

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  5. Manuel Miller says:

    I am in Kuwait and noticed this morning just after sunrise that there was a small black spot on the sun about the 7 o’clock position halfway from the center to the edge. At sunrise today at about 1800 local time Kuwait, I noticed the same thing. Just wondering what it is. I was able to capture a digital photo during that time.

  6. gareth baker says:

    hi i was on holiday in tenerife when this was happening and i took a picture of a black spot on the sun, would that black spot be this because i thought it was a planet http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151094892021488&set=a.10151094858271488.489568.667556487&type=3&theater theres the picture

  7. Robert W says:

    Or it’s an alien spacecraft refueling on plasma 😉

  8. Olegário says:


    Olegario’m very happy, I’m from Brazil, South America

    I wonder if this file is true, the unidentified object in the sun?

    No record found in the nasa site, or if you could pass me.

    Excuse me english, but I’m using a translator, I do not speak English!

    Thanks, await return.

  9. Ryan says:

    Thanks for posting this article.Well done!

  10. Alva says:

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  11. Lidia says:

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