X Marks the New Spot! (Updated)

The newest active region on the sun has given us an X-flare and a CME!

15:10 UT (10/25/2013)

X again! AR11882 kicked it up again with an X2.1 peaking at 15:03 UT. A multi-million degree snapshot with SDO/AIA 94 angstrom.


8:48 UT (10/25/2013)

The eruption that produced the X-flare also had an associated coronal mass ejection (CME). The plasma cloud is show hear by the LASCO/C2 coronagraph aboard the SOHO spacecraft. The CME is heading off in the Eastward (right) direction, not directly towards Earth.


4:01 UT (10/25/2013)

Active region AR11882 rotated into view in the last day or so. It first made us really aware of its presence with a medium-sized, M2.9 flare peaking at 3:02 UT, 10/25/2013. Only 5 hours later it has given us the first X-flare since the quad X-flares of May 2013. AR11882 let out an X1.7 that peaked in GOES X-ray at 8:01 UT.



Here is a look at the NOAA GOES X-ray monitor. The first plot shows the GOES 5 minute data over 3 days. The second plot shows the GOES 1 minute data over the last 6 hours. The X1.7 flare peaks just after 8 UT and there is also a double humped M1 flare around 10 UT.



The SDO spacecraft also captured the event. This 4 panel image shows the flare near its peak in the 304, 171, 131 and 193 angstrom wavelengths.

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  1. Brett Bahn says:

    At what point is a CME considered a National Security Risk? Is there an Alert System in place for the Public? How much time would we have to put on our SPF 100 sun screen and Aluminum Foil Hats?