AR11476 Comes into a Multicolored View

4 M-class Flares and More

A new active region (AR11476) has been rotating into view during the beginning of May 2012. It has been producing CMEs and by May 5th it started releasing small M-class flares and lots of C-class flares. Between May 5-6, it produced 4 M1 flares.

AR11476 Flaring in Multiple Wavelengths

AR11476 Flaring in Multiple Wavelengths


The video below shows the 4 M flares at 13:23 (M1.4) and 23:01 (M1.3) UT on May 5th and 01:18 (M1.2) and 17:47 (M1.3) on May 6th.

There is also a nice prominence eruption from behind the limb around 8:30 UT on May 5th and a prominence eruption above the active region around 18:30 UT on May 5th. The 304, 171, 193 and 131 Angstrom wavelength channels show us plasma at temperatures around 60,000, 600,000, 2 million and 10 million Kelvin. Keep an eye out on this region!