Double X! AR12087 Produces Back-to-back X Flares

2014_06_10_12_55_03_AIA_131 Just after the X2.2 AR12087 let out an X1.5 flare peaking at 12:52 UT. Here is a snapshot of the event using the SDO/AIA 131 angstrom channel. This shows plasmas with temperatures up to about 10 million Kelvin. The above video shows the X2.2 and X1.5 flares back-to-back as seen by the SDO/AIA spacecraft. The images are a combination of the 171, 193, and 131 angstrom wavelengths. This shows us solar plasma at about 100,000, 1 million and 10 million Kelvin respectively. There is noticeable ejecta during the X2.2 flare and magnetic loops are seem wiggling during the X1.5 flare, which indicates material motion (e.g. a possible CME.) The plots at the top show the corresponding x-ray flux measured by the GOES satellite. credit: NASA/SDO/LMSAL